Trans Pyrenees Trip – Day 3

I woke up slightly confused as it is day 3 of the trip but day 1 on the bikes. Clearly nothing to do with the wine and beer consumed last night. What's that saying? "Grape or grain, but never the twain". I'm not sure that is scientifically correct but I am a great believer in the other twain - namely Mark - who reportedly said "All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure." We had plenty of the former and not much of the latter - but start we...

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Trans Pyrenees Trip – Day 2

After the excitement of yesterday, today was a much quieter affair. Even the GPS couldn't be bothered to work until we got to Le Broc. Just about all of the day was spent in the van - 2 hours driving, 4 hours off. Dr Chris has an encyclopedic knowledge of every place we sped past. We broke up the boredom of the autoroute by spending time quizzing on 1970's and 80's British rugby union players who had played for various French sides in the regions we passed through. I got precisely nul...

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Trans Pyrenees Trip – Day 1

Like most things involving middle aged men, it started with a chat in a pub. David and me were discussing the merits of using a transit van to transport our off-road bikes away from the confines of the UK. We'd previously taken large adventure bikes to Norway and Morocco and found them less than ideal when venturing off-road. They were great to get you there but severely compromised once there - too heavy, beyond my skill level and always conscious that if they broke then how did one get...

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UHD inner tubes – Ultra Heavy Duty or Useless & Hugely Different?

So, here's my thinking - fit a HD inner tube before starting the trip to minimise punctures. I couldn't believe how much bigger the HD tube is. Here is one next to a normal tube. It's massive.

My concerns now are how it will affect the handling of the bike with so much extra centrifugal force on the wheel. Also I think I've read somewhere that the HD tube is harder to repair. I had planned on fitting the new inner tube when I fitted new tires just before the start of the trip, but that...

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Ace Cafe – Adventure Bike Meeting 2017

Had a run up to Wembley to the Ace Café today for the adventure bike meeting. It was very busy - good to see so many adventurers around. Although I must say most were of a certain age. I guess that it is now so difficult and costly to get a motorcycle licence is reducing the number of bikers. It's a shame. Unless there are younger participants there won't be much of an industry left.

On the plus side I met Zoe Cano and bought her book "Bonneville Go or...

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