Trans Pyrenees Trip – Day 2

After the excitement of yesterday, today was a much quieter affair. Even the GPS couldn’t be bothered to work until we got to Le Broc. Just about all of the day was spent in the van – 2 hours driving, 4 hours off. Dr Chris has an encyclopedic knowledge of every place we sped past. We broke up the boredom of the autoroute by spending time quizzing on 1970’s and 80’s British rugby union players who had played for various French sides in the regions we passed through. I got precisely nul points. David and Dr Chris were very good though – I’m starting to get worried about them – too much knowledge on some very dodgy subjects…

I also sensed that for the two moto pilots there began to creep in a quiet apprehension. Tomorrow would be the first day on the bikes – what would the Pyrenees throw at us, but more importantly, as Dr Chris was tasked with driving the van and finding some accommodation (we hadn’t booked anything), what sort of pit would he find for us?

We arrived in Collioure – the official start of the bike trip – just in time for a cold beer. A sheer coincidence I know but lucky all the same…..

It was only after we arrived that I realised that I’d been here before

A couple of years earlier I’d had to attend a distressed yacht in Port Vendres which is the next inlet along the coast and I’d stayed in Collioure. It was the middle of winter then and most things were closed down. As the season hadn’t yet started when we arrived this time, you’ve guessed it, most things were closed down, but we found an excellent restaurant and spent the evening discussing the million and one things we need to do tomorrow and in what order we needed to do them. Obviously we forgot all of this vital detailed planning the instant we attacked the red wine…..


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