Where in the world?

My gran used to say “the road to hell is paved with good intentions”……..I had every intention of transiting the USA and Russia in the summer of 2017. Unfortunately due to a number of factors I wasn’t able to start. This year, 2018, I had intended to ride to Magadan and I’d got most of the planning sorted….

Unfortunately as I am a UK citizen I think getting a 12 month multi-entry visa for Russia might be a bit tricky at this moment in time (March 2018). Not that I have any doubt that if I was able to enter Russia the Russian people would be anything other than fantastically hospitable (I have experienced their humanity in the past and their reputation for being wonderfully welcoming is well deserved). Unfortunately the same can’t be said for the politics between the two governments at this time which inevitably means that the actual people of both countries will no doubt be inconvenienced. In short I don’t want to get everything organised only to find that I can’t get a visa.

So, who knows what I will do in 2018 (possibly India or the USA). In the meantime I’m off to do a bit more of the Trans Euro Trail (starting in Portugal in April 2018). Hopefully you’ll read all about it on this blog…….

Safe travels