Ace Cafe – Adventure Bike Meeting 2017

Had a run up to Wembley to the Ace Café today for the adventure bike meeting. It was very busy – good to see so many adventurers around. Although I must say most were of a certain age. I guess that it is now so difficult and costly to get a motorcycle licence is reducing the number of bikers. It’s a shame. Unless there are younger participants there won’t be much of an industry left.

On the plus side I met Zoe Cano and bought her book “Bonneville Go or Bust” – Zoe kindly signed the inside cover. I look forward to reading the story about her travels around the USA on a Triumph Bonneville. No doubt it will encourage me to add another destination to my bucket list. We did chat about the Baja California. It brought back memories of Ensenada (Husong’s Cantina), Cabo San Lucas and Mazatlan (Senior Frogs). Shout out if you’ve been to those bars – and please post your best stories of them!!

Austin Vince was also there – – but he is so popular I didn’t get chance to talk with him !! I can thoroughly recommend the Adventure Film Festivals that are run by Austin and Lois Price – . They have events in London, Scotland and Australia. I challenge anyone to go to one and not come away without being on the most fantastic high. It reinforces your faith in people and gives you the most amazing confidence that you too can have a fabulous adventure.

Nathan Millward was also there – . He has a brilliant magazine “Getting into adventure” which encourages people to undertake their own – well – adventure. Worth a read – along with his two books about his two very different adventures.

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